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Hi, I'm Rich Green

I live, work, train and coach in The Derbyshire Peak District UK.
My passion is helping people improve their fitness, health and well-being.

I've always been fit, healthy and active. I worked for years running my own garden landscaping business before going into teaching; working initially with children's physical education and then giving movement workshops in The Ukraine, Hungary, Russia and The UK.
Amongst this I've taught hundreds of people to become qualified personal trainers delivering courses as a qualified assessor.

Other qualifications include Personal Trainer – GP Exercise Referral – Running Coach – Movement Coach.

My love for nature and being outdoors is fulfilled through Ultra Trail Running. I’m also a Kettlebell Training specialist, having developed a Masterclass of Programmes and training hundreds of people 1-2-1, couples and in groups along the way.

Music is also a big part of my life. I’ve got a cracking sound system at the Studio Gym so clients can train to their favourite music.

I’m not your typical macho, boot camp style trainer.
I enjoy creating supportive environments filled with motivation, experience and assurance to bring the best out of clients.

At 54 I’m the same weight now as in my twenties; I’ve plenty of energy and never suffer from illness. 

Developing a strong, healthy mindset with a strong impression of your goals form a great platform for improvement. Along with this, navigating modern life’s many pitfalls and traps while changing from compulsive living will arm you with the tools necessary for success.

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